Customers Comments

I received my trailer without problems.
I've done a travel with it and I've to say that's a VERY GOOD PRODUCT.
I send you photos if you want to use on your website you can.
Best regards.

with this pictures I want to say thank you for your big help.
Many people ask me about the trailer. Maybe you will have some orders from Vienna.
with love
PS: I'm thrilled

Hi to all at Oxtail,
I thought I would write to feedback on the fun I've had with the trailer over the last year.
Firstly thanks for the rapid delivery, very prompt. When ordering I was concerned it would not be strong enough as I treat my bike roughly, particularly off-road but the trailer has never failed to perform.
It was piled high at Glastonbury festival this year with peoples camping equipment - it moved through the crowds beautifully being no wider than the bike and coped with mud (sometimes up to its axle) - no problem. When I got one load to where the camper was going over rough ground he got 24 eggs out of his rucksack with not a single breakage - nice suspension!! I can see why you opt for the double-action now.
I towed two bags of cement from a DIY store up the cycle track from Plymouth on to Dartmoor recently - quite a load. By the time I reached the end of the cycle track I was so impressed I took it off-roading. I was surprised how well it coped and how stable the bike remained. I did have to put my feet down occasionally when going very very slowly but with a little more momentum it rode over everything. I even got air with the bike and trailer at one point and upon landing the front of the trailer grounded out on a high rock but recoiled and continued to ride over it no problem. Fantastic :)
Hope the feedback helps. I love the trailer, many thanks,
Dave Gough

Dear Paul,
Many thanks for your good idea.
I found this trailer at the internet and I was instantly convinced that this is the trailer I was looking for. My wife and I are cycling with Brompton folding bikes, and this trailer is the completion.
We usually take our bicycles and luggage by train to our starting point and so it is a pleasure to have an easy weight to carry.
As an appendix I send you a picture from my holiday tour through Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (M├╝ritz).

Thanks for a superb trailer, it works a treat. My dog loves it.

Today I was riding for 30 km with the trailer and the dog. I must say I hardly noticed the trailer. I didn't imagine the cushioned pivots could work so well, but they worked great. The dog soon got used to it and feel asleep.