Oxtail 0X1 Bicycle trailer

€ 225 + Delivery costs
The OX1 - Our original design

We have been making the OX1 since 1995. It was designed particularly for long overland expeditions, to be strong, maintenance free and totally reliable.

For rough terrain we developed our unique double action suspension system to cushion both rider and the load from the effects of rough terrain.

The pivots also allow for the trailer to instantly fold for ease of transportation and storage.

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Oxtail EX1 Bicycle trailer

€ 325 + Delivery costs
The EX1 - Our latest design

The EX1 has the same features as the OX1, but was designed to transform from compact to large.

If you need to carry a larger load on a one wheel trailer, increasing the width or height of the load greatly increases the negative effect on the cycle and rider.

To carry a larger load just increase the lengh of the trailer.

The EX1 provides a simple solution, having the ability to transform from compact (50cm) to large (82cm).

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The OX1 and the EX2 both use our unique double action suspension system which increases the load carrying capacity and dramatically improves the comfort of the ride.

This double action suspension system consists of two cushioned pivots at the front and rear of the load carrying section.

The rear pivot allows the trailer wheel to move up and down absorbing uneven surfaces and giving the sensation of gliding over rough surfaces.

the pivots

The pivot at the front of the load carrying section comes into action when the trailer wheel encounters larger kerbed sized obstacles. This pivot effectively allows the trailer to stretch and increase the wheel base. The stretching action absorbs the impact and at the same time lifts the load; allowing the wheel to mount the obstruction with a greatly reduced effect on the rider, the cycle and the trailer.

The pivots use replaceable nylon bearings with stainless steel inserts, which do not require lubrication and will resist corrosion. When disconnected from the bicycle, the pivots allow the trailer to instantly fold to far more compact dimensions for ease of transportation and storage.

The hitch fits seat posts with 25 - 30 mm diametre. 25 mm and 27 mm seat posts require the use of the plastic shimms provided.

  • The hitch fits seat posts with 25 - 30 mm
  • we can supply your trailer with our oversize hitch
  • Oxtail!

If your seat post diametre is more than 30mm we can supply your trailer with our oversize hitch.

The trailer is easiely connected to the cycle. You will need two 13 mm spanners to connect the hitch to the seat stem. You can leave the hitch on your cycle and disconnect the trailer by releasing the wingnut. Or for security reasons you can replace the wing nut with a nyloc nut supplied.

The trailer can be quickly detached from the seat stem bracket using the wing nut to release the universal joint pivot bolt.

The OX1 trailer comes supplied with a steel reinforced shoulder bag. Made from reinforced nylon fabric the bag is secured to the trailer with heavy duty bungi straps.